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Welcome to My Beauty World

Hello my fellow beauty & food lovers. My name is Carabellalynn, AKA "your beauty friend". I love all things

beautiful, fun, and exciting. My goal is to help you make the best version of yourself., whatever that means to you! I have spent the last 30+ years in the most remarkable professions of all time, the Beauty Industry. Many people perceive that a Beauty Professional just performs a service for you. However, we feel we are way more than that to you! Every client brings something special to our table, we get to converse with many different personalities, professions, along with every experience you have had in life. What profession in the world gets to connect in this way? What professional is licensed to "touch you" physically & emotionally?'s your beauty professional!

My goal is to share everything and anything for you to enhance your life.

FYI: It may not be beauty related all the time, but no worries my ADD will circle back to beauty since that's my main objective for my blog! If you are located in Morristown, NJ or close by, keep a look out for many "shout outs" for local business reviews and updates. I absolutely love our downtown's in NJ and enjoy to explore so I can share all my fun adventures!

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Thank you,

xo Carabellalynn

"Your Beauty Friend"

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