What is your favorite Netflix show to binge on?

Inventing Anna has been one of my fav's and there are brand new episodes now!

BTW...I'm so not the movie girl. I dislike going to the movies and the smell of popcorn, UHG I've had to learn to tolerate it since it's my daughters favorite snack in the world! However, Netflix has me hooked...short movies that seamlessly move right to the next one. Someone thought this out perfectly right! Watch one episode and your somehow watching the next one, AKA binge watching.

The Anna Delvey story has been fascinating. How did Anna Sorkin (her real name) portray herself as a German heiress in the NYC socialite scene? NYC has to be one of the toughest areas to get away with this however she did it and very well. I'm not going to spoil anymore for our friends who haven't seen it yet. She was able to con all the right people. How do you think this could have happened?

Style & fashion my friends! Anna's style was amazing along with every new hairstyle of her choice. I loved how every outfit accompanied a different hairstyle that was strategically done to accomplish her end goal. When she met an investor she knew to keep it simple, out to dinner she changed it up. It's amazing to see what a new color and cut can do for you! I'm not suggesting the radical change you may see during Anna's story, but tweaks never hurt. If your an Inventing Anna fan...pay attention to her hairstyle and fashion changes.

Some of you may think I'm being shallow, but it's the complete opposite. As a stylist I sometimes have "bad hair" days and believe me it doesn't make me feel so great! How you feel when you have a great "Hair Day"? It makes me feel amazing and so should you.

Women are very lucky to have the opportunity to change their looks through a cut, color and sometime a few extensions. Guy's can too, and you should if you want.If you have been thinking about a change, book your complimentary consult ASAP! Let's get you feeling amazing!!!

Cheers to great friends, hair & feeling gorgeous!

XO Your beauty friend,


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