My Newest Obsession can be yours too! Halocouture Hair Extensions.

Saying I'm obsessed with my new Halocouture Hair Extensions is an understatement. People can't stop staring at my beautiful hair, and the best part of it is they think it's all mine! Well it is since I did pay for it! LOL!

Look for yourself below in my unedited no makeup pic. Who cares? It's all about the hair!

When I find an amazing product like this, I'm so excited to share it with the world. Who doesn't want the hair of their dreams? So, I'm sure your wondering what is Halocouture Extensions? It a hairpiece that is 100% Human Remy Hair that can be dyed, cut, washed just like your own. It comes in different densities, (original & layered) to match your hair making it look seamless.

It has a fishing line across the front that stays on the top of your head while allowing the hair piece to rest in the back. The crown of your hair lays on top of the weft which allows for perfect blending.

What surprised me the most?

The first time the Halo landed in my head I was in awe, yes seriously! It was light as a feather, easy to put in and stayed on my head. The first day I wore it the day was windy as all heck, as I walked down the street in Morristown I held on to the front of my hair thinking how embarrassing it will be if it blows off!

To my surprise it stayed right in place and I became more comfortable with my Halo the more I wore it. One thing I suggest is to wear it around your house for a few days before you wear in out and about. It will stop you from playing with your hair all night.

How to care for your Halo?

You are probably an expert all ready since you know how to wash & condition your own hair. Yup, you do the same exact thing, however only once per month. The one thing that will be different, is I suggest an oil for the Halo since their won't be any natural oils from your scalp like normal hair.

Every so often it's great to deep condition your "girl". Don't forget to name her, she needs her own identity! At BC Salon we have one name for all of ours, it's our little inside joke.

The good and bad

This wouldn't be a fair review if I didn't include it all.

Let's start with the bad...It's not permanent, your Halo has to be put in everyday and taken out every night. No sleeping with her, although I will admit I tried it once! The Halo will have the chance to tangle with your hair if you roll around a lot. You won't be able to wear your hair in a high ponytail, unless you purchase the ponytail to match your Halo...have to say, the pony is amazing! They are not inexpensive since the quality is 100% Human Hair. The cost starts at $350 to $800.

Now for the good...It's not permanent, maybe you don't want to wear longer or thicker hair everyday. Since the quality is amazing we can custom dye your Halo to match your hair 100%. My Halo is the Balayage one so I can achieve a lighter color towards my ends as you see in the picture. If I highlighted my hair that light at that length it would be broken. It is so easy to put in and you won't feel a thing! You can blow dry and style her any way you please. Believe me, you will look fabulous and sexy as shit with your Halo!

You have to try it to see what I mean, most people are in awe just like I was. Also, by chance if my sample Halo's match your color ask about renting one for the night.


I've seen so many products like these over my many years in the business, but I think this company nailed it. I give Halocouture 5 stars!

The Halo's are only sold through select salons. After your purchase we will fit it to your head and show you how to put it in and how to care for it. Coloring, cutting & styling will incur an extra charge.

Try your Halo today at BC Salon located in Morristown, NJ. Not from the area? No worries I can always face time and send it directly to your address.

xo Carabellalynn, your beauty friend xo

If you have ever worn one let me know your experience in the comments below.

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