My favorite products

The number one question my clients always ask is, "Do I really need professional products?"

As your chosen Beauty Professional my answer will be "Absolutely!" 


Once you have invested in your custom color, why wouldn't you want to maintain your hair for optimum condition? Let me explain further, professional products are more concentrated and have expensive ingredients than your drugstore ones. Once you have found your favorite shampoo & conditioner, I suggest you invest in the largest retail size available for a considerate savings. 

During your appointment with me feel free to bring those products under your sink, along with your brushes & styling tools. My biggest pet peeve is selling you something not needed! Every product I use on you is available for free in sample sizes.  


Davines has been one of my favorite product lines for 2 decades. It's not just about the products but also the entire company. They a family business that ethically sources all there ingredients leaving a low carbon foot print. 

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My newest obsession is our HALOCOUTURE Extensions. Yes, I own one! They are so easy to put in and style yourself. It's a great way to introduce you to the world of extensions. They are sold in the salon only and can be cut & colored to customize your look. Most of the time they match perfectly. The cost varies on density, length, & colour.