Hello and welcome to my page, 


It's nice to meet you,


Besides making people look & feel their best, my personal passion is dancing. I started at age 7 and haven't stopped, ballet, toe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom... I've done it all with a smile! Staying physically fit is important to me. 


 Yet a great meal and a fabulous glass of wine is great too! I have tried almost every restaurant in NJ, so if you ever need a recommendation I would love to share my favorite ones. 


Making people, uhmm confession right now...more like dolls looking beautiful started at a very young age for me. I began styling hair on my dolls in a playpen which progressed into friends at the age of 9, when I did my first l haircut, probably not my best work!  But I continued to blowdry, style, curl, & cut anyone who would let me, LOL! My poor little brother would always have curls as I mastered the curling iron. 


Good thing by my junior year of high school I was able to enroll in cosmetology school and received my official license. My passion from a young age hasn't changed, I want you to look & feel the best you can.


I love creating customized wearable hair...hair that always looks amazing but with a little less maintenance, dimensional hair is my jam. I really take the time to listen to each client so we are on the same page and can create your customized hair plan at each visit. I enjoy changing up your hair when your ready, let's face it we all get bored sometimes. Be careful, since I constantly take educational classes sometimes I love to get creative, LOL! The integrity of your hair will always be my main objective, your hair should always look awesome and feel great.


Every day I'm amazed I get to create a beautiful look & feel for every client. Take a peek at some of my work on my FB & IG pages. Any further questions? Book online or call for a complimentary consultation. Looking forward to meeting you.  

Your beauty friend,


Cara Lynn xo